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McCloud Transportation provides a menu of multimodal transportation solutions. McCloud Transportation’s goals are to help you provide mobility options that meet the needs of all individuals. We are your first choice in developing unique solutions for alternative transportation systems ranging from fixed-route, paratransit service, rail, shuttles and innovative mobility alternatives such as the integration of taxicabs and Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) into your menu of service options. McCloud Transportation is distinguished by its commitment to mobility solutions that sustain communities and provide a balanced multimodal approach to providing transportation alternatives that enhance the quality of life by increasing accessibility and mobility.

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Our award winning team helps you to meet the regulatory requirements of the ADA. Our associates are some of the original pioneers of the ADA and helped to provide the framework. We will work with you to enhance quality assurance by utilizing tools such as mystery riders, surveys, and focus groups.

If mass transit is to continue to play a vital role in helping to improve access and mobility, reduce congestion, generate economic development and enhance the quality of life, you need to ensure that citizens, government officials and the media are better informed about how transit benefits people and strengthens communities. McCloud Transportation will ensure that mass transit is seen as a critical element in the fabric of the community. We understand the single voice concept of public and governmental relations. Our approach is to help build a unified voice concept starting with a series of meetings with your marketing and governmental relations team.

We review your current Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy, conduct interviews with the Drug and Alcohol Program Manager, Designated Employer Representative, alcohol testing program staff, Medical Review Officer, and the Third Party Administrator. Our audit team also visits the collection site, and evaluates testing records to promote compliance with FTA and USDOT requirements.

McCloud Transportation provides comprehensive service analyses. We analyze each route to ensure maximum operating efficiency. We have in-depth and proven experience in providing passenger counts, corridor analysis, scheduling and run cutting, and performance audits. We provide solutions that result in enhanced safety, mobility and accessibility.

Service provided by transportation agencies is delivered in a setting that has limited supervision, which makes it difficult for management to know what is really happening in the service delivery process. Using our observation metrics, along with our professionally-trained mystery riders, we conduct thorough observations and assessments of transportation service provided by front-line personnel.

We conduct comprehensive data collection efforts that provide key input to updating your Transportation Development Plan and Comprehensive Operational Analysis.

Through comprehensive operations planning and analyses, we enhance the efficiencies of your fixed route and paratransit operation. We also develop and evaluate Requests for Proposals to achieve the results you expect from bidders.

We are the leaders when it comes to enhancing the mobility of persons with disabilities. We plan and operate complementary paratransit service for persons unable to use your fixed route system. Because certification and eligibility are the first steps in using paratransit service, we work closely with your certification and eligibility sources to ensure that only persons whose disabilities prevent them from using the fixed route system, are certified as eligible to use paratransit service.

Working with the FTA, we conduct a review to of your operation to examine performance and adherence to current regulatory requirements.

At McCloud Transportation, we analyze passenger amenities to ensure ADA compliance. Our dedicated and experienced team provides you with the advantages of over 100 years of experience as leaders in the transit industry.

Knowing what to do, when to do it and how are important to a positive experience for both you and your customers. We will train drivers, customer service staff and your operations team on how to interact with persons with various disabilities.

We provide travel training to assist you in transitioning paratransit users to your fixed route service. We work closely with your certifying agency to ensure that certification policies are strictly adhered to and only persons with disabilities who are unable to use fixed route are certified.

We provide shuttle service for the following:

Universities/Colleges – we provide transparent, seamless mobility options that meet the needs of the university community. Our associates use sound business practices, technology and training to meet the changing parking and transportation needs of the academic community. We manage and plan university shuttles and innovative mobility solutions such as Carshare and bike-sharing programs.

Corporate Campuses – we serve the transportation needs of the business community. We will plan and operate a comprehensive transportation system that provides a timely schedule to provide transportation to employees throughout your campus network; including park and ride lots and office-to-office transportation.

Airports – we serve commercial airlines, provide airline-related ground transportation for airline crews, passengers, rental car customers and provide airport parking.

Medical Centers – we serve the transportation needs of the medical community. We will plan and operate a comprehensive shuttle system that provides prompt, efficient and reliable service to patients and employees. We provide service from park and ride lots and office-to-office transportation using environment-friendly vehicles with easy boarding features.

We develop written guidelines for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for fixed-route, bus, rail, and paratransit operations. We take the guesswork out of regulatory compliance by providing written guidelines that promote compliance with regulatory requirements.

System safety is the application of operating, technical and management techniques and principles to the safety aspects of the system throughout its life to reduce hazards, and the potential for hazards, to the lowest level possible through the most effective use of available resources. We develop SSPPs that provide written guidelines for identifying hazards in order to minimize control or eliminate them within the entire transportation operational environment.

We explore opportunities to integrate taxicab service into your operation to reduce the cost of paratransit service delivery, and to optimize overall operating efficiency and effectiveness. McCloud Transportation takes pride in its balanced approach to public transportation. Taxis can help you to meet service demand. We also act as a paratransit broker to manage the service and establish partnerships with van and taxi companies to provide accessible and specialized transportation.