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McCloud Transportation provides a menu of multimodal transportation solutions. We develop viable and realistic options and recommendations to help solve mobility challenges for clients throughout North America. McCloud Transportation provides unmatched service making us the first choice among clients who call upon us time and time again for developing unique solutions.


We are a key provider of service that supports multimodal transportation that includes traditional bus, rail and paratransit, and innovative service to ensure these modes are operated efficiently, seamlessly and transparently.  We excel in helping our clients to operate safe, convenient, sustainable, efficient and integrated service for work, school, medical and play. 

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Our award-winning team helps you to meet the regulatory requirements of the ADA law. Our associates are some of the original pioneers of this major civil rights legislation that prohibits discrimination based on a disability. We conduct comprehensive compliance reviews (monthly, quarterly, annually) of existing practices performed in-house or by service contractors, and make written recommendations to fully meet the requirements of the ADA. This service gives our clients peace of mind in knowing that what gets monitored and measured, gets done!

McCloud Transportation will assess the efficiency, effectiveness, and service quality of day-to-day Customer Service. We will identify restructuring, and modifications that could lead to better and more efficient customer service. Our team will assess current marketing strategies to better support positive public perceptions of the organization. We will evaluate employee customer service skills, and internal and external customer service.

The Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991 mandated the Secretary of Transportation to issue regulations to combat prohibited drug use and alcohol misuse in the transportation industry. For the portion of the transportation industry relevant to the provision of and service to the public of mass transportation, Federal Transit Administration (FTA) is the agency delegated with the authority and responsibility for issuing these implementing rules. McCloud Transportation will review your current Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy to ensure compliance with FTA requirements. Our team will conduct interviews with the Drug and Alcohol Program Manager, Designated Employer Representative, alcohol testing program staff, Medical Review Officer, and the Third-Party Administrator. Our audit team also evaluates testing records to promote compliance with FTA requirements.

McCloud Transportation provides comprehensive service analyses of multimodal transit systems. Our planning and scheduling associates evaluate operating efficiency, key performance indicators, and other performance measures using a customized approach based on your specific needs. We provide solutions that result in enhanced safety, efficiency, accessibility, and customer satisfaction.

Service provided by transit agencies is delivered in a setting that has limited supervision, which makes it difficult for management to know what is really happening in the service delivery process. McCloud Transportation conducts evaluations and assessments of multimodal transit performance of both in-house and outsourced service to promote compliance with performance standards and service contracts. We microscopically examine and analyze bus, paratransit, and paratransit operations, customer service, maintenance, and safety from a quality assurance perspective using proven strategies that deliver results.

Through comprehensive operations planning and analyses, we enhance the efficiencies of your fixed route and paratransit operation. We also develop and evaluate Requests for Proposals to achieve the results you expect from bidders.

Equitable access to transportation for customers with disabilities is a civil right, and it is the law. McCloud Transportation is a leader when it comes to providing solutions to enhance the mobility of persons with disabilities who are unable to use the fixed-route system. Because paratransit certification and eligibility are the first steps in using paratransit service, we can also evaluate your existing certification, eligibility and travel training process to ensure that only persons whose disabilities prevent them from using the fixed-route system, are certified as eligible to use paratransit service. We help our clients to increase independence, self-reliance and the quality of life of customers with disabilities.

We conduct a review of your operation to examine performance and adherence to current regulatory requirements of the Federal Transit Administration.

At McCloud Transportation, we analyze passenger amenities to ensure ADA compliance. Our dedicated and experienced team provides you with the advantages of over 100 years of experience as leaders in the transit industry.

Microtransit is a flexible on-demand innovative service that complements traditional transit in areas that are not heavily populated to enhance customer mobility.  Microtransit can also be integrated with traditional modes of transportation such as paratransit, to enhance accessibility and mobility of customers and service efficiency. Integrating paratransit with microtransit can reduce the cost-of-service delivery and customer satisfaction.  

We will train drivers, customer service staff and your operations team on how to interact with persons with various disabilities.

We provide travel training to assist you in transitioning paratransit users to your fixed route service. We work closely with your certifying agency to ensure that certification policies are strictly adhered to and only persons with disabilities who are unable to use fixed route are certified.

Successful organizations are those that are able to attract, retain, develop and motivate valuable employees. In the public sector, it is also critical to recognize that the funding source supporting compensation plans are public tax dollars. Therefore, organizations must adopt a strategy that balances compensation as a tool for rewarding and enhancing productivity with the financial responsibility required when using public funds. McCloud Transportation excels in the review and assessment of the current compensation structure, salary and benefits provided to employees. We document the organizational structure, employee essential job functions and total compensation package including salary and benefits. Using a customized survey tool, we collect salary and benefits data of peer organizations including local governments, public and private sector. We will determine where your compensation package ranks with respect to appropriate labor markets. Our team develops a report of recommendations for the organization and a strategic compensation plan that suggests where each position should be located within the recommended structure and based on the pay philosophy of the organization.

Safety is our top priority. McCloud Transportation provides transit safety program compliance with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to promote safe, reliable, and equitable transit service for all modes of public transportation. We help to make transit safer through policy development, hazard investigation, data collection, risk analysis, oversight programs, industry standards and best practices. We provide ongoing assistance to ensure compliance with FTA’s Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan (PTASP) and Safety Management System (SMS) for small, medium and large providers of public transit service. Our team also provides training on Safety Management Systems with attention to details at the granular level. After all, safety is no accident!

McCloud Transportation helps transit agencies to design BRT systems with improved capacity and reliability compared to a traditional bus system, whether the roadway is dedicated or shared.  Our BRT leader has over 40 years of public transportation professional, operations, planning, and administration experience, and is a member of the National Academies of the Sciences-Transportation Research Board (TRB). He is the Past Chair of TRB Public Transportation Group’s 19 Committees, and is a 35-year member of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA). He is the current Chair of the APTA Bus Rapid Transit Committee and past Chair of TRB’s Bus Transit Systems Committee and Chair of five international TRB Conferences on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). He is a Member Emeritus of TRB’s Bus Transit Systems Committee, Associate Editor of the TRB Transportation Research Record (TRR), a member of APTA/FTA BRT Standards Development Committee and is a member of APTA Connected and Automated Vehicles Committee.

We explore opportunities to integrate TNC service into your operation to reduce the cost of paratransit service delivery, and to optimize overall operating efficiency and effectiveness. McCloud Transportation takes pride in its balanced approach to public transportation. TNCs can help you to better meet service demand, enhance mobility and self-reliance of customers. We make recommendations for an integrated approach to mobility that combines the strength of technology and reliable and a highly integrated network that yields optimum service delivery.