Our Team

Roy A. Covington

Vehicle Maintenance Systems and Facilities Analyst

Roy A. Covington is a transit operations maintenance professional with over 17 years of extensive experience leading transit maintenance departments with exceptional quality and consistently under budget. He has directed maintenance projects at all stages and has unparalleled expertise in training and developing maintenance. Roy specializes in transit maintenance, from vehicles, facilities, environmental requirements, local, state, federal requirements, procurement specifications and inspections to project management. He has a strong command of business protocols based on his background and discipline conducting business with military, public and private entities. Roy has an excellent track record for building relationships with clients and has a well-developed understanding of the public and private transportation culture and its driving factors.

Roy is a certified FTA Construction Project Manager, served as Project Manager for Major Construction Projects, solved problems, interpreted blueprints, schematics, manuals and requirements for various mechanical, electrical, and construction processes. He achieved 365 consecutive days incident free by implementing new safety programs and establishing short and long-terms safety goals.

Roy’s experience includes serving as Regional Maintenance Director, Assistant Regional Director and Director of Maintenance for Transdev. He provided oversight of the fleet for Gwinnett County and Georgia Regional Transit Authority. As Director of Maintenance, he managed four locations in the U.S. and Canada and served as Project Manager for Chatham Area Transit’s Intelligent Transportation Systems project.

Roy’s key focal areas include conducting comprehensive maintenance reviews of bus operating and maintenance facilities, reviewing preventive maintenance inspections, conducting assessments maintenance performance measures including mean time between failures (MTBF) of the fleet, assessing compliance with fleet spare ratio and fleet availability, evaluation of spare parts inventory and rotation, utilization and attendance of maintenance personnel, and fleet replacement schedules. He also excels in reviewing and assessing the performance of heavy maintenance operations, procurement for vehicle maintenance parts and components and grant policies, developing reports to identify strengths and weaknesses and preparation of findings and recommendations for improvement.

Roy attended Central Texas College and has certification in several disciplines; Transit Management, Finance and Budgeting, Environmental Train-the-Trainer, Hazardous Communication, and Compressed Natural Gas Certification. He also possesses Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certifications in Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling, Medium/Heavy Trucking Technician, Air Brakes Repair, Wheel Bearings Diagnostics and Repair, Steering Systems Diagnostics and Repair. Roy is retired from the U.S. Army specializing in Automotive Maintenance.