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Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, Atlanta, GA

Department of Safety & Quality Assurance (DSQA) – In April 2018, MARTA issued McCloud Transportation a task order as a part of an on-call multi-year contract to Review and Update Safety Policies and Procedures to incorporate the Atlanta Streetcar, which will transition to MARTA from the City of Atlanta, effective July 1, 2018.  The review and update include MARTA’s Hazard Management Plan, Accident/Incident Investigation Standard Operating Procedure, and the Strategic Transit Asset Management Plan (STAMP). McCloud Transportation will also assist DSQA in ensuring that the System Safety Program Plan (SSPP) fully addresses the delegation of duties for Atlanta Streetcar contractors.

Department of Safety & Quality Assurance (DSQA) – In December 2015, MARTA awarded McCloud Transportation a multi-year on-call contract to conduct a Safety Assessment of its DSQA to evaluate MARTA’s effectiveness in meeting its objectives for providing a safe environment for its riders and employees. McCloud Transportation presented methods and tools for assessing MARTA’s safety culture, identified key performance indicators and reporting practices to support improved safety culture, identified best practices used by public transit and other organizations as effective strategies for improving safety culture, and provided guidelines that can be used to initiate and build a program for improving safety culture. McCloud Transportation also evaluated MARTA’s safety awards and incentive programs for operators, identified strengths and weaknesses with the DSQA organizational structure, recommended staff deployment strategies, and revisions to existing policies and procedures for the enhancement of MARTA’s safety program

Train Control and Safety Upgrade (TCSU) Assessment – In October 2016, MARTA awarded McCloud Transportation a contract to conduct a Train Control Safety Upgrade (TCSU) Status Assessment for the implementation of the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) project. McCloud Transportation identified the current status of the TCSU project, evaluated TCSU contractor’s performance and compliance with MARTA’s contract provisions, identified change order amendments or modifications to the original TCSU project scope, and evaluated performance measures used by MARTA to monitor and provide oversight and contract compliance.

Bus Operations Assessment – In March 2017, MARTA awarded McCloud Transportation a contract to conduct a Bus Operations and Bus Maintenance Comprehensive Assessment to identify opportunities for the improvement of the delivery of bus service to MARTA customers.  The assessment analyzed existing conditions of MARTA’s Bus Operations and Bus Maintenance departments and processes. The assessment analyzed management and organizational structure, recruitment and training, operator work assignments, utilization of staff and attendance, vehicle and fleet availability, performance measures, reporting, technology, policies and procedures, communications, planning, scheduling, and the annual operating budget.

Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Process Assessment – In October 2014, MARTA selected McCloud Transportation to conduct a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Process Review. McCloud Transportation identified weaknesses, and recommended strategies to streamline MARTA’s current CIP process to improve effectiveness and efficiency. The assessment also provided recommendations for migration of duties to internal staff that were being performed by contractors. Focal areas included the role of internal staff in the CIP process, role of external CIP consultants, procurement policies and procedures, CIP process and organizational structure, role of the Capital Improvement Committee (CIC), checks, balances and transparency of the CIP processes, CIP monitoring, tracking, oversight   and internal staff controls, and compliance with Federal Transit Administration (FTA) procurement requirements.

MARTA Police Department (MPD) – In February 2015, McCloud Transportation was selected by MPD to conduct a Deployment of Security Resources Assessment. This project focused on ways to optimally deploy MPD personnel to meet MARTA’s physical security needs at MARTA facilities, stations, parking lots, and on buses and trains. Project focal areas included a review of MPD’s current police officer deployment and manpower allocation model, review of the Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) Assessment, Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) Base Assessment, analysis of rail stations, parking structure, and office building for physical security needs. Recommendations were developed for the deployment of MARTA’s sworn police, protective specialists and rail station agents at each facility by   time of day, deployment of police call-takers and dispatch personnel, opening and closing of access points at each facility, call wait time standards for call-takers and dispatchers, MPD’s organizational structure, optimal allocation of manpower for MPD and allocation formula for staff and analysis of industry standards for police agencies of similar size and responsibilities.

Internal Mystery Shopper Program – In September 2013, MARTA awarded a contract to McCloud Transportation to conduct an Internal Mystery Shopper Program. The purpose of the project was to evaluate the quality of service provided by eight key MARTA departments to internal customers (employees) who serve the entire organization. The project required anonymous observations and encounters to mirror actual customer experiences to assess MARTA’s effectiveness in meeting its established objectives for providing customer service, and to evaluate whether MARTA is meeting customers’ expectations for delivering safe, courteous and reliable service. Departments included Information Technology, Human Resources, Payroll, Risk Management, Planning, Contracts and Procurement, External Affairs and Marketing.

External Mystery Shopper Program – In September 2013, MARTA awarded a contract to McCloud Transportation to conduct an External Mystery Shopper Program. The purpose of the project was to evaluate the quality of service provided to external customers by four key MARTA departments; Police, Safety, Operations (Bus, Rail, Mobility), and the Call Center. McCloud Transportation conducted over 943 observations over a six-month period to evaluate service reliability, safety and security provided by MARTA police for safety awareness, positive customer relations and customer-focused service.

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