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Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority (BJCTA), Birmingham, AL 

In September 2021, McCloud Transportation conducted the Birmingham Jefferson County Transit Authority’s (BJCTA) Salary and Benefits Study to enhance the ability to attract, retain, develop and motivate a talented workforce at market rates. McCloud Transportation completed a Classification and Compensation Study, surveyed the transit industry, local and regional markets to determine representative rates of compensation and developed a classification, salary, and compensation plan for BJCTA. BJCTA’s organizational structure was reviewed to evaluate staffing levels and McCloud Transportation reviewed pension non-bargaining and bargaining and employee benefits and developed recommendations. Job descriptions and Human Resources Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were created and updated. 

“The McCloud Transportation team has shed light on so many issues that must be addressed. Thanks, Elaine and Bill for a great job.”
– Vicki Rivers, former Chief Administrative Officer  

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