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McCloud Transportation partners with leading national and international transportation firms. These strategic alliances further expand McCloud Transportation's position in the transportation industry.

McCloud Transportation partnered with CDM Smith as a subcontractor and took the lead in conducting a comprehensive Ridecheck, On-Board Survey, General Planning Service for several transit systems.

McCloud Transportation partnered with TransTech Management as a subcontractor and took the lead in assessing key departments at JTA, including Paratransit, Marketing, Business Development/Corporate Sales, Finance and Vehicle Maintenance.

McCloud Transportation partnered with HDR as a subcontractor and took the lead in the areas of government, community and corporate relations.

McCloud Transportation conducts compliance audits for Valley Metro RPTA's East Valley Dial-a-Ride Service and RPTA's Maricopa County Demand Response Transportation Service (MCDRTS).
"McCloud Transportation is a linchpin to Total Transit's Quality Assurance Program for the paratransit operation. They are a key factor in Total Transit's award of the Valley Metro RPTA contracts." – Ronald Barnes, National Business Development Director

McCloud Transportation partners with Atkins Global to conduct general planning service and ADA compliance assessments for key transit systems.